Video Conferencing


Video Conferencing

From the makers of GoToMeeting by LogMeIn, comes GoToRoom.  This simple all-in-one box concept makes it super easy for small to medium size conference rooms to have a professional conferencing solution, and best of all, it integrates with GoToMeeting so users working remotely can join from their GoToMeeting bridges.

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We Pay For Referrals

Do you know of a new business; one who’s adding a location, moving locations, or interested in reviewing their telecom spend?  Check out our Partner Page!

As a new business owner, I wasn’t expecting the rapid growth we saw in our business. Nexus Unified Communications reviewed my budget and the requirements I had for a phone system that would provide for texting, mobility as well as call routing. The solution they found was a perfect fit for what I need now, with the ability to add phones as needed. They treated my small business as if it was just as important as a major account.

Rick Storts
Owner, Door Rescue 911

You wont find a simpler video conferencing solution!