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Do you know of a new business; one who’s adding a location, moving locations, or interested in reviewing their telecom spend?  Check out our Partner Page!

As a new business owner, I wasn’t expecting the rapid growth we saw in our business. Nexus Unified Communications reviewed my budget and the requirements I had for a phone system that would provide for texting, mobility as well as call routing. The solution they found was a perfect fit for what I need now, with the ability to add phones as needed. They treated my small business as if it was just as important as a major account.

Rick Storts
Owner, Door Rescue 911
Fiber Copper

Knowing which type and speed of internet you need is a bit of a science when trying to choose between:

Copper and Coax

Fiber Optic

Wireless (Cellular)

Fixed Wireless


Nexus UC will help you determine which type is best for your business based on your business hours, data usage, flexibility, budget, and Carrier availability.

Do you send large images or files over the internet? Call us about fiber internet.