partner programs


Relationships are the foundation of Nexus Unified Communications.

We are proud to be trusted with business referrals from leadership in various industries and we believe in investing back into those relationships.


For those who wish only to help connect Nexus UC with businesses in need of technology solutions but desire no further involvement, we have a program offers a lucrative, ONE-TIME financial reward when your lead results in the sale and installation of services for that customer.


If you’re more comfortable in the sales consultant role, and prefer to manage the sales process, the installation and support the customer yourself, we have a program specifically designed to reward you with MONTHLY RESIDUALS for your continued involvement with your customers.

Great for professionals of all ages, the Preferred Partner Program is especially beneficial to young, aggressive talent interested in developing financial independence over the span of their career.  Likewise, for the seasoned professional exiting the workforce or considering closing his business, either of these two programs offer advantages to help you maximize your financial investment as you transition.


Partner with Nexus UC to make a supplemental income for Christmas money for the family, that muscle car you’ve always wanted, college tuition, or that special vacation!

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